Jose Marinay

Jose Marinay is a widely respected member of not just the Latino community, but of the American community in general. His vocal defense of legal Latino immigrants who are business owners and blue collar workers and contribute to the American economy as well as American society has given him a personality that is entirely separate from his business and creative persona.

However, what truly garners Jose Marinay the respect of his peers and his fans is that his support of the Latino community comes from being a highly contributing member of society himself. Marinay is a prominent businessman, working with several business groups and settlement groups.

Marinay first came to prominence when he spoke live for latino immigrants rights on News 4 Today. He analyzed immigrants’ contribution towards betterment of economy being buyers, sellers and businessmen. Moreover, in 2010 he was a commencement speaker for the Trinity Washington University. He was noted and admired for his prowess as a public speaker, commanding the attention of the audience at events where usually people had to grit their teeth and get through an extended period of boredom.

Marinay’s charisma and charm has also come in handy as far as his business dealings are concerned. His main business interest has always been real estate, a sector of the economy, which requires a significant amount of charisma on the part of the business owner in order to set potential buyers and home owners at ease.

The reputation that he has acquired through his honesty in his business dealings is unparalleled, and is one of the biggest contributors to his success. This is probably why Marinay’s new company is looking to become an instant hit, particularly because of the unique service it provides.

Using his extensive experience in the real estate industry, Marinay has created a new company by the name of Capital Marketing Recruiting Inc. This company is not a real estate company in and of itself, but it will play a huge role in the real estate industry as a whole.

The purpose of this company is to provide real estate agents with options regarding what agencies they can join. This is a process that is usually drawn out and can result in unemployment of real estate professionals for extended periods of time. However, with Marinay’s new Capital Marketing Recruiting Inc, these professionals will be connected to the real estate company that is right for them within a matter of days.

With employment being guaranteed in such a way, real estate agents will no longer have to acquire buyers and seller using pressure tactics which is going to bring a lot of legitimacy in the field of real estate. This is going to prove to be a game changing factor in the real estate industry in the years to come.

In addition to his contribution in the field of real estate and his active role for the betterment of latino immigrants, Marinay wrote a book named My Wings back in 2007. My Wings is a story of an angel who lost his wings and then with the help of his friend searched those wings all over the world and ultimately found them. Though book couldn’t get much attention from the readers, but it reflects another trait of Marinay’s personality.